On 18th December, BASIC was invited to present in Brussels the results of its latest study on the social and environmental challenges of the coffee sector at a conference on the European external cooperation organized by the General Directorate for Development and Cooperation (DG DEVCO).

Some 60 people working in European institutions, foreign embassies, business federations and civil society organizations participated in the “InfoPoint” conference on the coffee sector organized by DG DEVCO of the European Commission.

BASIC was given this opportunity to present the main results of its latest report published on October 1st, 2018, in particular the staggering value creation generated by retailers and coffee brands, whose producers in Latin America and Africa do not see not the color, and at a time when the latter are greatly affected by the fall in world prices, social precariousness and the harsh consequences of climate change.

The study partners (Commerce Equitable France, Max Havelaar France and the Rethinking Value Chains network) presented the proposals they advocate as part of their joint campaign to resolve these critical issues, in particular the creation of a public information platform on prices and margins within the International Coffee Organization (ICO).

The discussion with participants was intense, exchanging on the diagnosis and the methodology used, as well as on the possible solutions to address the current challenges facing the coffee sector which question its sustainability in the medium term.

A highly necessary public debate to which the Basic will continue to contribute in 2019, in France as well as on the international stage.

To watch the video in streaming, click on this link.

Tou can also download the synthesis and fill report at the following link.