What would be the impacts (on my territory, on rural employment, on the environment …) if my family, my school, my city… change the sourcing of their food? What if they consume local and organic products? What if they change the composition of their diets?

To support citizens and local authorities answer these questions and address the current issues related to food and agriculture in their territories, BASIC, Terre de Liens (French member of Access to Land) and FNAB (the French federation of organic farmers) have launched the website PARCEL.

PARCEL is a free and didactic tool which articulates 3 main levers of food sustainability:

  • The re-location of food chains
  • The change of agricultural production
  • The change of diets

Based on the choices made by users on each lever, PARCEL enables them to assess the related effects in terms of agricultural area and employment, as well as ecological impacts (greenhouse gas emissions, pollution of water, biodiversity…).

To test PARCEL, follow the link: https://parcel-app.org

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